The original character drawing challenge

Challenge yourself to draw awesome original characters with our random challenges. You’ll get 6 challenges based on the same theme.

No daily fuss and we’re not about taking up your entire month either. Take as long as you need or work on them in one go. You can always come back for the next challenge when you feel like it.

Try a challenge

Pick one of our challenges. Press the button to get your random results. Take note of your results, because they won’t be here after you leave the page.

For your first try, we recommend drawing Candy Girls

Get to work

Draw a character for each suggestion. Take as much time as you want, there’s no rush. The suggestions are simple, leaving opportunity for you to put your own spin on things. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Sharing is caring

Upload your new original characters to your preferred social media site. This step is optional.

You can also tag us with the tags we selected for the challenge. On instagram, toyhou.se and deviant art we go by @ocdoodleart